– is something you gear up for!


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

– Tao Te Ching, Chapter 64


The time has come! Once more, it is time for adventure! To act as the main character in your own story and partake in tales of heroes and monsters, lovers and infidels, battles and tragedies. But where to begin? You may be embarking on your first adventure or merely in doubt about where to begin. Worry not! You may have witnessed experienced roleplayers acting out complex characters, but less is more with unfolding beginnings. Motivation is a vital component, but there are several paths to character creation. One begins with a concept; another begins with the gear. It is time to throw ourselves right on the road of adventure!


Sip in Some Inspiration!

Let us pretend that our minds are blank as the infamous spell. Our new character stares back from a blank sheet of paper as we await the first spark of inspiration. It will not arrive by itself, but luckily a myriad of stories and references are at our disposal through the magical mirror of the Internet. Think not of a person but rather a feeling, a situation or an activity. How would you like to feel as you play? What are you roughly doing while feeling this way? Do you see yourself addressing a crowd? Scheming with someone else? Charging into the battlefield? Studying to perform wonders? If you have no clear idea so far, it is also fine. You can then browse game and movie trailers for inspiration, such as The Rings of Power (2022) or Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023), or our “snack movies”. It will provide glimpses of situations and styles that give you an idea of what you find especially appealing.


Start with a Concept!

After a bit of browsing, you may select a few that inspire you. It could be that you enjoy the elven grace of Tauriel from The Hobbit (2012) or the elves from The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Trailer (2018) and wish to play something similar. Perhaps you could play a noble elven warrior with a proud family history? In such a case, the Illumine Complete Set is a worthy option. Or instead, a bon vivant elven mercenary hired to fight alongside other races? Then the Renegade Complete Set is a sound choice! The key is to (1) find something style-wise appealing, (2) outline a rough concept of character based on a mix of your inspiration, and (3) decide what kind of style and equipment is needed for a fitting portrayal.


Start with the Gear!

Another way is to create the character from a piece of equipment or apparel. Let us assume that you have found an Imperial Gambeson, Godfrey Cape and Long Bow that you would like to use in a roleplay setting. What kind of character would use such items? Could it be the practice attire for a steward of the king? Or the belongings of a hunter searching for his abducted family? Might it also be the standard ranger uniform in your home fiefdom? The key is to (1) find a few pieces of equipment that you like, (2) outline a rough concept of character based on those pieces, and (3), most importantly, team up with other players and share in on an adventure! While we at Epic Armoury live to ensure that every adventurer is equipped for their quests, it is essential to emphasise that half of the experience is the personality and story you create for your character! At first, it may seem a daunting task, but remember that every journey begins with a single step and that mastery requires practice.


Step onto the road!


“Veri’en and Garm had left the outpost at dawn. They followed the Old Pipeweed Road as it was strategically insignificant while the ongoing battles near Markheim. The events from the past few days had made it clear to them that it was politically unwise for a human and elf to travel together. Paradoxically, that made witnesses of their own kin more dangerous than the goblin smugglers they did their best to avoid. Chances were that violence was required to avoid words revealing their location. Too many suspicious ears were about, and the Scarlet Sorcerer expected their arrival within the fortnight.”