Laser Swords

“You have orbited the planet for several days, and there is still no sign of the others. The atmospheric composition does not pose unnecessary risks, but the volcanic activity can be volatile. There is no other way. You must travel to the surface and uncover this mystery the old-fashioned way.”

The Heroic Laser Sword or Villainous Laser Sword is what you need in a very, very distant nebula! Available in five colours, the Laser Sword Blade is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam surrounding a glass fibre core and designed with threaded joints, allowing for the attachment of a of a polyurethane (PU) foam Heroic Laser Sword Handle or Villainous Laser Sword Handle.


“The bandit triumphantly lunged forward as the captain feinted. It would have been a bold move if not for the blade that suddenly pierced him from behind. With a gurgling scream of horror and confusion, the bandit fell to the ground and revealed the striking mercenary. He smiled at the captain, who scoffed in return. While they didn’t like each other, their strategy was undoubtedly effective. For now.”

The Captain Armour Complete Set and Epic Dark Mercenary Armour are designed for warfare skirmishes. Characters that wield such armour come in many stories and flavours. Will you be a newly appointed captain, fresh from the academy? Or a seasoned battle veteran about to train the next batch of clueless recruits? Maybe a greedy mercenary with a secret mission? You are about to become the main character in your next adventure!

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The Highborn Sword

“Blood is red, but mine is blue.
My sword is sharp and about to hit you!” 

The Red Highborn Sword, sold exclusively at Epic Armoury, can be a vital artefact in many stories. A cursed heirloom destined to be purified in the hands of its rightful owner? Perhaps a renowned artefact, crucial to the crowning of kings? Maybe a stolen sword sought out by the evil powers of the world?

The dark-coloured crossguard is adorned with filigree and a loop-guard inspired by ivy and fleur-de-lis symbols. The handle is cast and painted to appear like wood. An intricate scent stopper pommel at the end of the handle crowns this magnificent sword as a sovereign amongst our Stronghold Master Collection.

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