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Safety First!

While our designers strive to provide the most beautiful and detailed weapon selected for the myriad of brave heroes, insidious villains, devout faithful and driven infidels, there is one priority above them all: Safety. Despite the perils ahead, it is crucial that you, as an esteemed adventurer, can always trust your gear. Therefore, we have updated our page describing product safety and quality – even hinting towards the secret sauce within every Stronghold blade!
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“The distant fields before her seemed tranquil as ever. Apart from the crude human agriculture that scarred the landscape, Veri’en almost found the scenery beautiful. Almost. She sensed that Garm was getting bored. Although he was patient for a human adult, she also knew that the younger races had the drive to act. It was their greatest strength and weakness. The thought formed a subtle smile on her face, but at that moment, she saw something move towards them a few miles into the horizon. It was time to act.”

The beauty of the acted adventure – an ActVenture! – is your preparation to become the main character of your own story. However, as the preparation may seem daunting, we have assembled a few tips to take the first bold steps in a journey of a thousand miles! It is important to remember that LARP, like everything else, requires practice and that character creation is part of the adventure rather than a means to an end.

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Tweaks & Tales!

No adventure comes completely prepackaged! The embarking adventurers will always add something special to make the experience unique. However, gear choice is not a dichotomy between purchased or homemade. Features such as the tie-on system, products such as mountables and creative modifications enable you to modify the gear and tweak your character!

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