Today's Titbit

How do you maintain a great relationship? ⚔️

The word titbit is derived from Old English tēdre (tender) and bita (morsel or fragment), referring to either a small piece of tasty food or a small and intriguing item of information. Bon appétit!


“Our patience stretches longer than your lifespan. The impatient sometimes claim that we fled the diurnal demons. That we were banished. That we vanished. Turns out that you knew nothing. As you looked to the canopy, we quietly tended the roots below. But we were meant for more. Soon the night shall rise to the day. Soon the sun shall be stygian. Soon awaits the Eventide.”

For the first time in our company's history, we have made something that goes beyond a single kit or armour set and offers more items that could fit any single character. The Eventide Collection is our first full design collection that spans several classic character classes and a myriad of epic combinations. If you breathe too loud, they might shoot you in the dark. There will be mourning in the evening!

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Long Rest

Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically – unless you are on the road of adventure! When not enduring the perils of circumstance, far away from what is safe and known, home is where you recover and rest between quests and battles. But how do you raise your canvas tent properly so that you can enjoy a Long Rest? Brian the Bold knows!

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