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Perfect for reenactors and LARPers alike, our tents combine practicality with inspiration from historical designs to enhance your immersive experiences.
On this page, you can learn more about the best way to put up our tents, our different logistical solutions, what can fit inside our different tent sizes, how to prevent mould, and more.




The Epic Armoury Marquee Tent is based on designs that have been known since the mediaeval crusades. Whether you are a wealthy knight or part of an entire mercenary band, the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent offers a spacious and stylish abode with lined colours to signal your allegiance or natural colour for a versatile, non-aligned look. The roof is supported by two centre poles and 20 side poles, allowing for an open canopy setup without walls or a secluded setup with walls. As an upgrade from the typical design with tedious rope hoops, the wall pieces of the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent attach easily to the roof piece with fastening hooks. With correct maintenance, the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent will keep you and your party sheltered throughout many adventurous seasons! Watch as Brian the Bold guides us through setting up the tent!

Show me a Marquee Tent!



Whether you are a merchant family, alchemist partners or an itinerant artist, the Epic Armoury Double Wedge Tent offers a graceful and smooth dwelling on the road. Two centre poles support the tent, and a score of tent pins keep the tent securely fastened to the ground, which allows for an elegantly easy setup. We have crafted the poles from powder-coated iron while the canvas is made of an unbleached, heavy-duty fabric, weatherproofed with paraffin wax for extra durability. The Epic Armoury Double Wedge Tent will elegantly shelter you and your close companions on journeys to come. Watch as Brian demonstrates a successful erection… of the tent!

Show me a Double Wedge Tent!



Our tents have a convenient and straightforward hook attachment system allowing for wall pieces to be quickly and easily fastened. Bodacious Brian from the Epic Armourers stands ready to demonstrate! Are you hooked?


When considering a suitable tent for yourself or your band of bold adventurers, it is usually the shape, size and colours that first come to mind. Only at a later stage do other aspects come to mind regarding the overall functionality of the tent. One of these aspects is the tent poles: A less flashy yet essential component of keeping the elements of nature at bay. Those capable of conjuring Leomund's Tiny Hut do not need tent poles, but the rest of us undoubtedly do. On behalf of our tents, it is time to take a stand!



The challenge of transporting mediaeval-inspired tents goes back to… well, the Middle Ages! It is no secret that a canvas tent's sturdy and roomy qualities come with a heavy and cumbersome price that requires a well-built carriage, chivalrous car or specially trained donkeys. But there are improvements to be found that can help protect your adventurous journey from a critical failure. Just look at the case of King Jarl Skulldrinker: What to do when their beloved canvas tent faced an impossible transportation task? It was a critical failure! They did not know what to do. All hope was lost! Until an artisan designer from Epic Armoury came to their rescue with the new compact tent poles! Compact! Convenient! Congratulations!



Jests aside, regular tent poles and compact tent poles each have their advantages and disadvantages. Your best option depends on your specific needs. The standard tent poles are cheaper to buy, more expensive to ship, more straightforward to set up and perfect if your group uses a van for transporting multiple tents. The compact tent poles never exceed 110 centimetres in length and are made of the same durable powder-coated iron as the regular tent poles. They are well-suited for transporting gear in a regular-sized car. Have a look as Gabriele and René demonstrate and discuss the design of our tent poles.



Our diverse range of tent pegs is designed to adapt to many different weather conditions. They're the perfect tools to ensure your shelter stays secure!

  • Storm Born Tent Peg: This peg, our largest and most solid, is built for the harshest weather. It is especially designed for when you need a strong grip to conquer harsh winds or soft, muddy ground. We recommend putting one at each tent corner.
  • V-Shape Iron Peg A & B: Easier to carry than the Storm Born, our dependable V-shaped pegs are designed to provide a stable and secure hold in most conditions, and are especially relevant in windy weather. 
  • Iron Peg: A reliable peg for frequent adventuring. This classic peg delivers a good hold in dry fields, is easy to carry around and takes up little space.
  • Iron Pin: The iron pins secure the tent walls and keeps them from flapping. Due to their light weight and small size, iron pins are not meant to be used during stormy weather or in waterlogged/sandy ground.



Our Marquee tent is based on designs known since the medieval crusades. It offers a spacious and private abode for you to rest or have clandestine meetings while on the LARP fields.
The colour of the tent is two-toned, giving an authentic feel of how tents were made during the time of the armoured knights. 


Pavilions—completely circular tents—were a prominent feature in the era of the English longbowmen and were seen across the landscapes and warcamps, as depicted in numerous paintings from the 1200s.
Historically, they were often multi-coloured, like ours, and sometimes decorated with heraldry.


Our Double Wedge Tent is a classic design that goes back hundreds of years. It offers a spacious and private abode for you to rest or have clandestine meetings while on the LARP fields.
The neutral colour and design makes this tent blend in perfectly in any fantasy or historical camp.


All our tents and tarps are coated to be water-repellent and mould-resistant, but preventive measures are still essential as mould is an ever-persistent issue. Here are some guidelines to prevent mould:
  1. Pitching: Set up your tent so water can easily run off the canvas. If possible, orient the entrance away from prevailing precipitation.
  2. Cleaning: Brush off leaves and dirt from the canvas to minimise direct contact with soaked or moist materials. Also, remember to remove soil and plant litter from pins, pegs, and guy ropes after use, as these are stored with the canvas.
  3. Drying: Make sure the tent is completely dry before packing. Otherwise, pitch it again in dry weather conditions or hang the canvas indoors as soon as possible for thorough drying.
  4. Storing: Store the tent in a dry place and optionally with moisture-absorbing materials, such as silica gel packs.



Waterproof? Weatherproof? What is the difference? Marvellous Mick from the Epic Armourers is ready to explain and demonstrate! Your tent from Epic Armoury is prepared for precipitation so that your wit can stay dry.