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Iron Pins

Epic Armoury
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The peasant smiles as he hands you the bag of metal pins. They may be simple and non-magical, but you have seen their effectiveness. A gust of wind can be natural or blow forth from an aeromancer's fingertips, but a well-secured tent is a much better solution overall than the opposite. The vegetables and equipment will now be dry and safe during the market. Unless adventurers show up. Such people tend to cause trouble.

These tent pins are made of powder-coated iron and are used for stabilisation of the Epic Armoury tents. They are included in all Double Wedge Tents packages as these tents do not have wall poles, but they can also be applied to Marquee Tents and Pavilion Tents for further stabilisation. The purchase of 10 tent pins includes a cotton canvas storage bag with leather tags for notations.

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Epic Armoury

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Tent Pegs

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