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Epic Armoury Affiliated

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Epic Armoury Affiliated


Hello, fellow live-action role-play event makers, game runners, and community organisers! In continuation of the support engagement, we are pleased to announce our Epic Armoury Affiliated programme. This program benefits everyone by including significant savings, exclusive promotional material, limited deals, and our support of LARPs by improving visibility and creating a network.

By partnering with Epic Armoury, you get access to all the gear and gain an automatic 20% saving on our regularly priced equipment. These savings will help you recreate a more enjoyable and safe gaming experience for your players by levelling up your weapons, armour, and wardrobe, be it for epic non-player characters or lending equipment for novice roleplayers. You will also benefit from other unique deals appearing over time.



We stay committed to offering exclusive deals to LARPs, such as limited-edition gear, unique pieces of armour, or rare new weapons. Our designers are continually crafting new products, and we will give you the chance to own some of our novel and unique designs. It is uncertain what will pop up next, but rest assured you will be the first to know.



The Scavenger Box deal is a mystery box filled with remnants found on and off the battlefield. You will discover unique armour variations, weapons, clothing, and accessories that are forgotten but still usable and exclusive trinkets and hidden treasures. It is the perfect way to equip your team with costume elements for a fraction of the price. However, just like the battlefield, the selection is random and unpredictable. Each box is unique, and our warehouse goblins make the selection. You do not get to choose but will profit from what you find!



As part of the program, we request a small banner on your social media website or forum as a contributing member and partner that refers to our website. We will provide all the images tailored to your platform and game style.



From time to time, we will make free banner flags, T-shirts, and other accessories that you will have the opportunity to use as a member of the Epic Armoury Affiliated programme. We take our commitment to the local LARP community seriously, and through your participation, we can support your game.



  1. The account connected to the Epic Armoury Affiliated programme must be in the group or association and not with a single individual. Contact details related to this account must be contact details that may pass on to another person. This may require the creation of a secondary account.
  2. A flat-rate discount is intended to provide equipment to LARPs directly or as a source of revenue. It is not to provide a base 20% discount directly to players.
  3. LARP and community organisers are not to perform any actions that may by association bring Epic Armoury into disrepute.
  4. In exchange for the effective discount, all items contained within the Scavenger Boxes are sold as-is and are without warranty or guarantee.
  5. Accounts may be withdrawn at any time, without notice, if any of these terms are deemed to be violated.


In conclusion, we need your help to help improve your game. Only through working together can we help you in making your game better. Join the Epic Armoury Affiliated programme group on Facebook to share your thoughts and ideas or email us via info@epicarmoury.com for a more direct dialogue. Whether it be weapons, armour, or anything else, we are here to exchange ideas. Please note it is mandatory to answer the group questions to obtain membership in the Facebook group and the Affiliated programme.