Audacious Articles


“Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.”

– V (Hugo Weaving), V for Vendetta (2005)


Between adventures, our scribes gather news from the far corners of the world to be diligently shared at the tavern. The best of our stories become part of these audacious articles. Truth be told, these stories are still only a fledgeling bunch compared to other esteemed collections, but make sure to return from time to time for exciting news. Something wicked this way comes!






  • Curved Cores – the first glimpse of our new hybrid foam weapons with curved cores
  • Eventide – become stygian with our new dark-elven design collection
  • Compact Gear – several options for your optimal adventure packing experience
  • The EirikR Sword – the story behind our authentic Viking sword
  • Vanguard – new sword series. Highly durable. Very affordable.
  • Solid Tent Solutions  – handy features, maintenance advice, set-up instructions and interior-battle-maps, so you know exactly what will fit into your tent!



Harken, valiant voyagers and venerable warriors! We have heard the call, we’ve seen your rusty swords and we have a solution — our new scabbards! Our new full-sheath scabbards are designed ambidextrously, adjustable and in various lengths!  Complete your chivalric look with our Knight’s Scabbard or perhaps the possibilities of the Adjustable Scabbard fits better with your concept.


Epic Armoury America

At Epic Armoury, we believe people’s lives can be greatly improved by pushing personal boundaries together through live-action role-playing in a positive community. Since our very first products were brought on adventure, we have desired to be an ever-present vendor with direct contact with the heroes and villains out there. As we seek additional adventurers to fortify our upcoming fulfilment centre in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, we aim to stay true to that ambition. Will you be the next epic armourer to join our team?


Epic Armoury Vanguard

For almost a decade, a new line of Epic Armoury has been developed in the darkest corridors of our ironclad fortress, secretly awaiting to serve steadily at the frontline battles to come. Introducing Epic Armoury Vanguard: A series of fully polyurethane-based, highly durable and price-competitive weapons. Adventure awaits!



“Our patience stretches longer than your lifespan. The impatient sometimes claim that we fled the diurnal demons. That we were banished. That we vanished. Turns out that you knew nothing. As you looked to the canopy, we quietly tended the roots below. But we were meant for more. Soon the night shall rise to the day. Soon the sun shall be stygian. Soon awaits the Eventide.”

For the first time in our company's history, we have made something that goes beyond a single kit or armour set and offers more items that could fit any single character. The Eventide Collection is our first full design collection that spans several classic character classes and a myriad of epic combinations. If you breathe too loud, they might shoot you in the dark. There will be mourning in the evening!

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Long Rest

Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically – unless you are on the road of adventure! When not enduring the perils of circumstance, far away from what is safe and known, home is where you recover and rest between quests and battles. But how do you raise your canvas tent properly so that you can enjoy a Long Rest? Brian the Bold knows!

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Epic Armoury Gathering 2023

The time has come to open our gates and allow a group of ardent adventurers to become our vanguard for a day. Be there in person as we unravel and launch our first full design collection. Join fellow larpers from around the world! Attend workshops to learn the spirit and techniques of larp combat! Speak directly with our designers. Participate in the costume contest, behold our fashion show, try your luck in the many price games, and receive an opulent loot bag full of glorious items. Introducing the Epic Armoury Gathering!

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Curved Cores

With blades, you only sometimes wish to go straight to the point! For many years the safety of a decent foam sword has relied upon a straight glass fibre core, thus limiting the designs of the blade. For too long, characters in need of curved blades have been left wanting. No more! Behold the Curved Cutlass, Curved Sabre and Curved Elven Sword.

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Dark Tales

After every warm and waning summer, the nights will inevitably grow longer. Some say darker too. As the bullying winds announce the arrival of autumn, the veil between our world and the other side grows thinner with every breath of nightmare. Soon the dark tales are told on sombre and stormy nights. Dare you become eerily inspired?

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Tent Poles!

Tent poles undoubtedly serve a crucial practical purpose when camping with a mediaeval-inspired canvas tent during an adventure. However, the length of the poles is an obvious disadvantage for everyone travelling by a regular car, donkey or mule. To ease this logistical headache we are delighted to introduce our new compact and convenient tent pole system.

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Safety First!

While our designers strive to provide the most beautiful and detailed weapon selected for the myriad of brave heroes, insidious villains, devout faithful and driven infidels, there is one priority above them all: Safety. Despite the perils ahead, it is crucial that you, as an esteemed adventurer, can always trust your gear. Therefore, we have updated our page describing product safety and quality – even hinting towards the secret sauce within every Stronghold blade!
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“The distant fields before her seemed tranquil as ever. Apart from the crude human agriculture that scarred the landscape, Veri’en almost found the scenery beautiful. Almost. She sensed that Garm was getting bored. Although he was patient for a human adult, she also knew that the younger races had the drive to act. It was their greatest strength and weakness. The thought formed a subtle smile on her face, but at that moment, she saw something move towards them a few miles into the horizon. It was time to act.”

The beauty of the acted adventure – an ActVenture! – is your preparation to become the main character of your own story. However, as the preparation may seem daunting, we have assembled a few tips to take the first bold steps in a journey of a thousand miles! It is important to remember that LARP, like everything else, requires practice and that character creation is part of the adventure rather than a means to an end.

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Tweaks & Tales!

No adventure comes completely prepackaged! The embarking adventurers will always add something special to make the experience unique. However, gear choice is not a dichotomy between purchased or homemade. Features such as the tie-on system, products such as mountables and creative modifications enable you to modify the gear and tweak your character!

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The EirikR Sword

“Someone capable of having the Osted Sword made, with that degree of detail and quality in the blade and hilt decorations, is at the top of society. We are dealing with someone who is very close to the king – if not the king himself!”

Have you ever dreamt of wielding a Viking sword with a historically authentic design? Then your saga is about to begin! The EirikR Sword is made as a collaboration between artisans of Epic Armoury and archaeologists from Lejre Land of Legends. It is designed to match the Osted Sword found in 1887 near the town of Osted in Lejre, Denmark. Due to its pattern-welded blade and the herringbone ornamentation with silver and copper on the crossguard and pommel, archaeologists assess that the sword most likely belonged to a king or a highly esteemed housecarl.

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Knight Time!

The banners have been called! The warriors are assembling and will soon await your command. Your liege awaits the arrival of the lances fournies by dusk, and your squire is preparing your steed. Who are you? You are a knight! Or perhaps you are merely considering playing one during your next LARP campaign session? If so, you may wonder about the essential characteristics of a true knight. Look no further! Here are six patrician points for your upcoming knighthood!

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