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Steady blew the dusty wind as the group of ruffled figures entered the town. Their appearances were familiar to the residents, but a mercurial expression on their faces made people pause with trepidation. It was whispered that adventurers often returned from life-risking endeavours that most likely had required them to return the gaze of death or even fate itself. Such were the ways of adventuring roads. Those lucky enough to overcome their ordeals were always changed for better or worse. Even so, they often visited the armoury artisans before calming their nerves at the tavern. The presence of a trustworthy vendor was evidently invaluable for both heroes and villains.

Staff update:


Anthony has joined our Iron Fortress team in the US as the warehouse manager. Since the title of Warehouse Warlord is already held by Jais in Denmark, Anthony has adopted the title of Warehouse Wyvern. Jonathon, also known as Jay, is a gifted storyteller, earning him the title of Epic Bard. In addition to his administrative duties and managing customer service for our US operations, Jay will assist in the warehouse with picking and packing tasks. With support from Brian and René, they are diligently setting up our operations in Louisville and preparing to serve you. We hope you will welcome them warmly, as their new and thrilling roles promise a steep learning curve. Such are the ways of adventuring!


Since Epic Armoury was founded in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, it has been our ambition to be more than just a company selling live-action role-playing equipment. We also wanted to be present and directly cater to local communities, learning from their specific needs, adjusting our products accordingly, and synergizing to make it possible for even more people to experience the thrill of acted adventures. Over the years, this ambition has been overshadowed by our conspicuous absence in the United States of America. Although our products have been available to customers through our esteemed partners and resellers, we have decided to establish our own fully-owned warehouse and fulfillment center in the USA to be fully present and better catering to our American partners, resellers, customers and – most importantly – devoted fans. We are thrilled to announce the coming of Epic Armoury America!


Our new fulfillment center will be established in Louisville, Kentucky, and we aim to have it fully operational by June 2024. Our Chieftain Epic Overlord, René Vendt, will personally relocate there for a time, to facilitate the formation of a new team of Epic Armourers to face logistical challenges and master the art of customer service in harmony with our existing company culture. He will be ardently joined by our ERP Manager, Brian Holte, who will supervise the practical implementation of our enterprise resource planning and training in warehouse procedures. But the true protagonists of this tale will be the yet-to-be-found party of heroes that we are looking for to share in an adventure. Perhaps you are one of them? Is all you need a little nudge out of the door?



If you are dreaming of becoming a part of one the world’s finest companies that cater to the communities of live-action role-playing and re-enactment this is your chance! Specifically, we are looking for an experienced warehouse warlord and a few spirited warehouse warriors to steadily maintain operations at our fulfillment center in Louisville, Kentucky. While warehouse experience is preferred, the most essential qualities we look for in aspirants is a high level of self-agency and keen interest in live-action role-roleplaying, historical re-enactment and/or cosplay. If this resonates with you, then have a closer look at our careers page and send your cover letter and resume to job@ironfortress.com.


Does it seem daunting to relocate over a thousand miles for a job? To weigh the costs of uprooting with a prospect of a new beginning. While such deliberations are common, it is rarely an uninteresting journey. Watch below and get acquainted with a few of our Epic Armourers, who will travel – or already have traveled – far to combine their working life and passion for live-action role-playing and adventuring.


Meet Brian! As our ERP Manager, he will be present at Epic Armoury America’s fulfillment center in Louisville, Kentucky, to oversee enterprise resource planning, customer service training and general logistics. Brian has many years of professional and private experience with live-action role-playing. Watch his take on the tasks ahead, our company culture and recommendations for future team members.



Meet Francesca! As part of our product developer team, she designs adventurous products for legends to come. But landing such a job did not happen by itself! Watch how decisive determination led her from the perilous live-action role-playing adventures of Italy to join the iron-willed team of Epic Armourers. The rest is – and will be! – history.



Meet Lisa! As part of our marketing developer team, she weaves our graphics and manages social media with ardent dedication. Her story demonstrates the power of sheer inquisitiveness – from the path of a Witcher at Montecalvo in Redania to a Content Creator at Epic Armoury in Copenhagen. But what is her advice? Well, you’ve guessed it!