Dye your clothes to match your house colours or repaint a mask red instead of the standard black. The possibilities are limitless! Larpers are amongst some of the most creative people on the planet. We love seeing how Epic gear has been modified and changed to fit unique characters and concepts!

If you're looking for inspiration on how to upgrade and customize your Epic Armoury gear, we've collected a sample of video guides and pictures submitted by fellows Larpers around the globe.

We are always updating this section, so make sure to check back often--and submit a link of your own ideas by tagging @EpicArmoury on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ByLarpersForLarpers.


No one wants to look like they just came from the armor store! Get a realistic, worn, medieval look by weathering your leather armor. The Fell & Fair team shows you some simple steps that anyone can do to weather leather armor!


In this video AstroKerrie shows us how to modify our RFB Breastplate using simple tools and techniques.
She made this for her character at the Swordcraft LARP.

Tools used: Rotary tool with a cutting disk, file for removing the sharp burrs, and tape and a marker for marking the template.
Materials used: A piece of Leather, decorative rivets and leather dye.

Read more about: Astrokeerie 


Want to know how to repaint your Epic Armoury shield, and create your own awesome custom piece? Now is your chance. In this video Zan from Fell and Fair (and his helper) walks you through the simple steps of cleaning and repainting your shield from Epic Armoury.

Tools used: Degreasing soap / Dish Soap, Scrub brush, Paint brush,  Blow-dryer, Latex or Nitrile Gloves, and paper and pencil

Materials used: Epic Armoury shield, Exterior latex paint primer or Acrylic paint mixed with latex, Water, Leather stain, Satin or flat sealant

Disclaimer: Please note that by modifying your Epic Armoury gear, the warranty is void.


Have you ever wanted to add details to your prop skeletons? Fear not! Joel is here to give you a thorough walkthrough of how you can do interesting weathering and detailing on plastic skeletons, using our own "Skeleton Full Size" as an example.

Tools used: Woodstain, painters brush, heat pistol, blowdryer.

Materials used: Epic Armoury Full Skeleton, plastic

Disclaimer: Please note that by modifying your Epic Armoury gear, the warranty is void.


In this tutorial video, Zan shows us how to paint and weather a steel helmet from Epic Armoury. These are some very useful tricks for costume designers, reenactors, LARPers and cosplayers.

Take a plain steel helmet and make it a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for a medieval or fantasy kit.

Tools: Scrub brush, paint brush, sponge, heat gun, (Optional) Battle Axe

Materials: Epic Armoury Crusader Helmet (epicarmoury.com), degreasing dish soap, paper towels, flat black spray paint, acrylic paint, matte clear coat spray

How to make a chainmail look used and rusted

Fabian and Ane take you on a Journey to show you, how to make your chainmail look worn and rusted. This video is a thorough runthrough of the thoughts and ideas of how Rust looks on a chainmail and some of the thoughts that goes into creating a battleworn look.

Disclaimer: Please note that by modifying your Epic Armoury gear, the warranty is void.

How To Assemble Armour For A LARP Kit

Hi Everyone. Its dangerous out there on the battlefield! Make sure you are properly equipped. Having the proper armour can make all the difference in how much comfortable and effective a character is. The Fell & Fair team talks you through how we choose what armour to wear and why. These are great tips for any Cosplay, LARP, film or theater project. All gear comes from Epic Armoury and the Items Used in this video are:

1. Imperial Gambeson

2. Bazuband

3. Viking Armour

4. Viking Armand Leg Protection

5. Raven Helmet

6. Kettle Helmet

7. Viking Sword 100cm

8. Halbard

9. Oval Scutum Shield

10. RFB Large Shield Wood

www.fellandfair.com www.epicarmoury.com #ByLarpersForLarpers Disclaimer: Please note that by modifying your Epic Armoury gear, the warranty is void.

Modification of a shoulder armour

Sometimes both armour and thinking need to be outside the box! Could your armour do with a few mountables, but lacks the required holes. Drill them yourself! Does it look too new and polished for the character you are about to play? Slice and dice! Would it be fitting with a slightly different colour scheme to emphasise your background story? Brush it up! The possibilities are endless. Look at this example, where one of our product designers, Gabriele, modifies the Shoulder Armour from stalwart to ruinous!