The time has come to slice into your character arc with a new range of products! For too long, elven rangers, grog-gorging pirates, and esteemed officers have been visually hampered by straight blades. No more! Thanks to new techniques, we are now proud to offer a range of weapons that provides a most awaited arc to your next character while maintaining the same level of flexibility and protection when exposed to the perils of live-action role-playing combat. Behold the Curved Cutlass, Curved Sabre and Curved Elven Sword.




“By the Wailin’ Sirene! The ruckus above was not redcoats boarding but our rallied crew coming to our rescue. We saw Lil’ Lemmy first. Then John Gray and Mad Mary. They quickly dispatched our shackles and threw us each a cutlass. Oh, how I had missed wielding sharp steel! The fight above was still ongoing, but we all felt a sudden change in the wind!”

The Curved Cutlass is an iconic weapon for any naval character or urban character connected to shady establishments at the harbours. The weapon is inspired by designs used during the Age of Sail, which forms the setting in most maritime novels. While a cutlass may fit perfectly in the hands of a pirate, it is worth noting that the versatile design allows application with a wide range of characters, such as bold buccaneers, stout seafarers, decisive dock workers or bodacious bandits. Despite status and station, any decent cutlass should have a story (or several) regarding the acquisition of the weapon. Which ones will you tell the crew?

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“What brings you so far from Pigeons Point?” inquired the highwayman with a sly smile. Glances exchanged made us instantly realise the sharp severity of the situation. This was an attempted robbery in the making. He wore a coat of glaring velvet and breeches of brown doeskin, but his smile faltered as I unsheathed my curved sabre. It was now clear to him that he’d just gone and done the dumbest thing in his whole life. The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees, and the moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon the cloudy seas.”

The Curved Sabre is a weapon befitting an army or naval officer with inspiration from the Age of Sail. Despite the blade curve, the sword offers the same flexibility and safety as you would expect from any other Epic Armoury weapon. The polyurethane hilt expresses rich details that resemble a leather grip on gold-ornamented steel. An elegant weapon for the duty-bound, privileged pioneer.

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“The things I saw in Bra’karah Forest did mortify my soul. We retreated as fast as we could, and only out of sheer luck did we avoid the arrows darting by with unnatural silence. I am still convinced that it was merely a warning. That we all would have died if not for their mystifying mercy. However, Captain Clarke had been marked for death. The elf who killed him at the forest edge: I’d never seen a curved sword manoeuvred like that: An impossible strike.”

The Curved Elven Sword is the quintessential weapon for an elven ranger, warrior or aristocrat. The iconic curved blade hints toward a sophisticated and intricate philosophy, supported by a distinct handle with meandering ornamentation mimicking an exotic blend of precious metals and white wood. Perhaps these swords were crafted aeons ago from magically imbued alloys? Only your elven character would know!

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