The pale moon shines forebodingly like an ominous beacon in the darkness of a bleak and corrupt future. Something sinister lurks down every narrow alley, and each predator will soon find themselves chased as prey. While the situation is dire, you are precisely the sort of fighter who will survive. The Dark Moon range features grim and improvised weapons for modern, future, and post-apocalyptic live-action role-play. Guard yourself with a sewer shield, smack zombies with a barbed wire bat or wrench or cleave abominations with a chainsword – to name a few!

The Dark Moon product range is designed with safety in mind. Our latex weapons are designed with layers of foam coated in 100% natural latex, while injection-moulded weapons are made by injecting or pouring expanding polyurethane foam into a base mould. The weapons are constructed with a fibreglass core providing durability and flexibility for comfort and control. These cores can excellently absorb impact and minimize the force of a blow.

Whether you play as a stealthy survivor, a motor rig enthusiast, or a noble futuristic knight, we have a design that fits your needs!