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Arrow - Flat Head - Sleeved


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Your mother is a famous archer in your kingdom and a feared competitor whenever archery tournaments are held. You've seen her hit a moving target the size of your palm without breaking a sweat. One day, you hope to live up to your mother's name. Under her guidance, you practice daily with your bow and collection of Flat Head arrows. Your mother says you have great potential--it's in your blood, after all.

Introducing the Flat Head Arrow by iDV Engineering: a high standard of safety and reliability in LARP archery. The arrow has been designed with safety and usability in mind. The arrow shaft is produced from durable epoxy-glass resin, guaranteeing a flexible yet extremely durable performance. The arrowhead is designed as a wide, flat head to distribute the arrow's impact evenly. iDV's flat-head arrows are also known as low-distance arrows, as the unique production of the foam head won't let the arrow stray too far. The Flat Head Arrow is ideal for LARP and archery enthusiasts; each arrow comes with a 4-year warranty from iDV Engineering.

Fitting guide

  • 4 Year Warranty on the whole arrow
  • The aerodynamically optimised safety-head is 53 mm in diameter and provides optimum safety, durability and striking distance
  • The captive fletching material and design increases the arrow’s lifetime and guarantee lasting safety.
  • The high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft is highly flexible, shatterproof and provides maximum accuracy.

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Safety is important! While these arrows are designed to be safe, technical measures are not a replacement for responsible and considerate behavior. Check every arrow properly for damage before using it. Never use damaged or worn arrows. Do not exceed the max draw weight (between 20-30 lbs.), as it can result in breakage of the shaft and may cause severe injuries.

Store arrows flatly, taking care not to leave them in direct heat or cold for long periods of time.