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Small Gouge 3D FX Transfers

Tinsley Transfers
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The fight was a little too close for comfort. You took a mean spill and hit the cold cobblestones with such force, the thief thought you dead. Granted, you were unconscious for a time, and likely looked that way. You woke and found all your belongings gone. At least you are still alive, although the wound on your forehead is increasingly ugly.


The Small Gouge 3D FX Transfer is a latex-free prosthetic designed by Tinsley Transfers using revolutionary technology. Created by Hollywood effect artists to be the most realistic makeup on the market, this Burned Flesh effect is perfect for your LARP game or high quality theatre or film production. Create the illusion of a painful injury, cut into the skin on the face or body. This is a great effect when wanting to add a little realism to the healer’s tent.

How to use:

The Small Gouge effect is easy to apply and will create a look that seems absolutely real. It requires no glue or adhesive, and is self blending. It is made for one use--so stock up if you need it for multiple days. One application should last an entire day and night.

  1. Remove the effect card from the packaging and peel the plastic Gouge sheet away from the adhesive paper.
  2. Flip the effect sheet over, and place face down onto the adhesive paper. Push trapped air outward from the center, trying not to leave any air bubbles.
  3. Carefully cut out the Small Gouge without cutting into the edge of the transfer.
  4. Peel off the plastic sheet from the effect, exposing the sticky backside, and apply it to clean skin. Press it firmly into the skin before saturating the adhesive paper with water using a sponge or cloth.
  5. Slowly remove the adhesive paper.

These instructions are also included on the back of the packaging, detailing this process in five easy steps. After the effect is applied, it can be further modified using Epic Effect makeup or temporary tattoos. Add some fake blood to give it that extra fresh injury look!

  • Made using extremely thin and realistic material
  • Latex free
  • Designed with large contact surfaces for a more durable and easy fit
  • No glue required for application - only water
  • Extremely slim edges for a perfect blend
  • Realistic colouring
  • Attachable straight from the box following step-by-step instructions in English
  • Single use product


Tinsley Transfers

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FX Transfer

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None, as it is a single use product. Store in package until application.