The weapons from the Epic Armoury are dazzling and durable, but the blades from the Stronghold bring craftsmanship to another level. The Stronghold range of foam weapons is our most realistic, intricately designed, and innovative live-action role-playing (LARP) weapons so far.

The construction of Stronghold weapons differs from other LARP weapons on the market by consisting of four assembled components. By constructing a sword this way, it is possible to choose the material of each part to optimise their respective functions. The Stronghold design emphasises high security, low energy transfer by impact, extreme durability, minimal maintenance and realistic appearance. Stronghold swords are hand-painted on the handle and blade to provide a beautiful and genuine aesthetic.

Stronghold blades consist of a simple yet robust type of foam. The foam structure is smooth and uniform, allowing us to create a blade that has a consistent density throughout the entire length. The foam is lightweight and can collapse quickly, resulting in reduced power transmission when striking an opponent.

Stronghold handles are made of a heavier and more compact foam that provides a more controllable weapon by putting more weight towards the handle. In addition, the foam also allows for a high level of detail when moulded, which contributes to an impressive and realistic appearance.