Tweaks & Tales!


“Necessity is the first cousin of invention.”

– High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, World of Warcraft


At Epic Armoury, it is our goal to ensure that everyone everywhere is equipped for their quests! For this reason, we offer various styles to help you act out the character you wish to play. Our products are applicable straight from arrival, but we also understand – even encourage! – the need to add a dash of creativity to make your kit unique. Some players even chose to make all their equipment themselves from scratch! Fortunately, your gear is not an absolute choice between all-bought or all-made. You can combine different styles, mount a few accessories, alter the colours or even add your own wear, tear and patina. That is why we say our products are cool from the box and hot when modified! Get ready to tweak the tale, modify the gear and change your character with these three tips:

The Tie-On System

What is the most affordable, effective and convenient way to combine armour pieces? A simple lace might be the answer! For this reason, Epic Armoury has developed a tie-on system that allows shoulder armour to be easily attached to torso armour. The system consists of several holes that have been fitted to the armour items, allowing the wearer to adjust for size and style. This way, you can combine armour pieces like the Woodsman Armour and Woodsman Shoulder Set. However, it is also possible to combine armour pieces across design universes. Do you wish to pair the Woodsman Armour with the Shoulder Armour & Neck Guard to make a Woodsman Sergeant? No problem! You can even combine with a metal shoulder armour set, such as the Captain Pauldrons, to make a Woodsman Captain.

Placeholders and Mountables

Clothes make the man; armours make the warrior! While we offer many armour styles, there might be adventures that require characters to express their affiliation with unique traits. A hero may need bling of war, a villain spikes of villainy, savage horns of barbarism or your character may even be chained by fashion. Either way, as a player, you can upgrade your armour by applying mountables. These accessory pieces are fitted with screws allowing for easy attachment to armour pieces with matching holes. Some of our armours, such as the Marauder Armour, are adorned with aesthetic placeholders that can be removed to attach a mountable, such as the Mountable Demon Horns. The type and amount of mountables are a matter of choice. Perhaps your character even gradually changes appearance throughout the story?


Sometimes both armour and thinking need to be outside the box! Could your armour do with a few mountables, but lacks the required holes. Drill them yourself! Does it look too new and polished for the character you are about to play? Slice and dice! Would it be fitting with a slightly different colour scheme to emphasise your background story? Brush it up! The possibilities are endless. Look at this example, where one of our product designers, Gabriele, modifies the Shoulder Armour from stalwart to ruinous!