Wreak Hell and Havoc!

“These warriors are not human. Their will bends to neither doubt, fear or remorse. Their armour does not slow them down. I have never seen them retreat. I have never seen them spare the life of our kin. They will stop for nothing, for they are ruinous incarnate!

The Marauder Complete Set is perfect for anyone aspiring to become a chaotic evil juggernaut! With campaigns full of battle-hardened heroes, fate has bestowed you this dark opportunity to slay these puny would-be warriors. The armour has an ultimate villainous design for an unstoppable upcoming blackguard, chaos warrior, or armoured overlord.

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The EirikR Sword

“Someone capable of having the Osted Sword made, with that degree of detail and quality in the blade and hilt decorations, is at the top of society. We are dealing with someone who is very close to the king – if not the king himself!”

Have you ever dreamt of wielding a Viking sword with a historically authentic design? Then your saga is about to begin! The EirikR Sword is made as a collaboration between artisans of Epic Armoury and archaeologists from Lejre Land of Legends. It is designed to match the Osted Sword found in 1887 near the town of Osted in Lejre, Denmark. Due to its pattern-welded blade and the herringbone ornamentation with silver and copper on the crossguard and pommel, archaeologists assess that the sword most likely belonged to a king or a highly esteemed housecarl.

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Once Upon a Dress

“Behind her back, she sensed the noblemen ogling and their accompanying ladies scowling. She did not mind. In fact, she almost suppressed a smirk from the knowledge that the hunt was often more interesting than the catch. It was always a game, a dance with fire, and this evening was no exception. She made an innocent smile and fondled the golden trimmings along her neckline. While the cavaliers could only guess, she knew exactly what was beneath her dress: Alluring perfume, a subtle knife and a mission to obtain a certain piece of information that most likely could turn the tides in the looming war.”

Dress Lucrezia is the perfect dress for any adventurer that wishes to arrive feminine and fancy to the great hall. The dress is inspired by the Renaissance with golden trimmings to emphasise a lucrative lifestyle. The arms can be detached entirely or attached to reveal your choice of undergarments boldly. Allow us to recommend the matching Shift Lucrezia!

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