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White Zombie - Contact Effect Lense


Epic Effect
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You were born with beautiful blue eyes. It wasn’t until you made a pact with a certain demon that they changed. The coloured irises faded away, leaving your eyes eerily white with only your pupils visible. It has raised questions between you and your family and friends, but the demon was especially clear not to speak a word of your deal.

In the end, it was just a small price to pay for the power you now wield. You are a powerful wizard and someone to be feared.


Epic Effects’ White Eyes lenses are soft and comfortable silicone lenses designed to disguise your natural irises to blend into the white of your eyes, leaving only the pupil to be seen.

These contact lenses are made to be comfortable, allowing your eyes to breathe through the lense in order to be used for long periods of time. With careful maintenance, these lenses can be used many times.

Epic Effects’ Effect Lenses are not meant to change your vision and does not require a prescription. Use these to provide an impressive new dimension to your makeup.

  • Great cosmetic effect with little influence on sight
  • Safe to use
  • High oxygen permeability minimizes stress of the eye and potential complications
  • Leading industry-standard silicone-polymer is compatible with human eye chemistry
  • Soft contact lenses change shape with wear to fit individual and improve wearer's experience
  • High-strength lense with multiple reuses and 90-days endurance
  • Used by professional makeup artists in theatre and movie industries


Epic Effect



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Effect Lenses

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Remember to read the instructions before use.

Use and treat Epic Effect contact lenses like any other type of contact lenses. If you are in doubt, talk to a professional optician before using Epic Effect contact lenses. Check for defects and make sure the lenses are clean and moist before use and discard defective or dry lenses. Do not wear the contact lenses while sleeping or in environments where foreign bodies can easily get in the eye.

Never use Epic Effect lenses if your eyes are irritated or bloodshot. Always let a professional demonstrate the appropriate techniques of contact lens maintenance.

Cleaning and Storage

Properly clean and store the contact lenses after each use with optician-approved cleaning solutions and methods. The lifetime of the Epic Effect contact lenses is 90 days after the sealed packaging has been opened.